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Pop False Ceiling

The false ceiling, also known as drop ceiling or suspended ceiling, has gone way beyond the white paint, and has become the focal point of the home. Different materials help make a beautiful false ceiling. At SHD Home Decor you can choose from different verity like PoP Ceiling, Fibre False Ceiling Materials, Gypsum False ceiling material, Wooden false ceiling material and many more. Contact us today to find out which is the best suited for you and your house to give the perfect looks to your house. These are available at very affordable price range that you can not ignore.


Plumbing services is the whole system of piping, fixtures, applications for providing water supply or drainage to the buildings with the use of pipes, control valves, pipe layouts, storage tanks, etc. At SHD Home Decor we distribute the line planning in such a way in such a way that it is easily accessible for inspection, replacement and repairs. Water supply pipes and Drainage pipes should not be laid very nearby to each other, especially drainage stoneware pipes. Whether you need plumbing at time of constuction or you're repairing your house we're your one stop solution at very affordable price



We all know a fresh coat of paint can do wonders for updating a space. Still, nothing adds elegance and warmth like custom woodwork and trim. Imagine transforming your living room or den with crown molding, custom storage, and a fireplace makeover. Now move to the kitchen and imagine how much better it would look with new, custom-built countertops and cabinets. Carpentry services from SHD Home Decor can make that a reality with custom carpentry. WE provide Assembly, Remodeling, Installation, Painting and flooring at Cheapest price than market.


Different paints for pop false ceiling

In the world of urbanization, everyone wants their home to look like the royal house, but limited land is available for making a home so it is less possibility that you make your dream house looks royal from outside due to lack of space. Never mind you can make your dream house royal from inside by choosing pop false ceiling in bedroom living area or other places you want to look like royal.

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FAQ for POP/False Ceiling

Why choose a false ceiling?

It hides ducts of that area ugly-looking wire and hanging beam of the rooftop. Providing insulation from heat makes your room a more light reflector which reduces electricity costs. Make your room soundproof from the outside world.

What do SHD Home Decor offers?

SHD Home Decor offers wide range of selection for paints, Shades, stencils, wallpaper and Different Services. We not only offer the services but we make sure that you get the best services and guarantee.

POP False Ceiling Design?

It was first used in France that’s why called plaster of Paris, gypsum, which gives out water when heated makes a pop. Post-heating gypsum softens then crushed to form a powder. pop harden instantly when water is added to it. It is applied to a fiberboard or a wood base which is then suspended to form the false ceiling. The most beautiful thing about pop false ceiling is its beauty of cove lighting, which is different from artificial light.

Composition of POP

Use of a white powder(calcium trioxo carbonate) for making the ceiling into any form.

Advantage of POP?

POP is light in weight and more durable design last for at least 5-10 years once done. It has a good fire resistance so it provides heat-insulating that gives a good cooling effect because of low thermal conductivity. It gives a good interior finish. Its chemical composition gives a lot of shine and smoothness to the surface. It is a little bit expensive but lasts for a long time.

Where can we use POP False Ceiling Designs?

Various place where you can use pop/false ceiling designs like
For Bedroom : To give your bedroom a royal look pop false ceiling design certainly makes it true. It changes the looks of your room and also keeps cool from outside because of an added layer of the ceiling the sun rays do not reach directly to your room. It gives lots of lighting because pop reflects light. You feel royal while sleeping in a pop design bedroom.

For Hall :When your guest come and sit in the hall you don’t feel comfortable because you think this is the most un-decorated part of your house no problem make your hall like a hall in King’s mansion.POP False ceiling design helps your dream come truly added ceiling layer in the hall keeps it cool but also increase the beauty of your hall you don’t need to think of decorating your hall after done with pop false ceiling design in your room.

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